• The Peace Trail

      DAVID SYRE embarks on a significant and monumental project: the construction of The Peace Trail, a trail in Tierra del Fuego at the southernmost extreme of the South American Continent. 

      He begins the project at the same time he undertakes a profound inner journey. 

      The Peace Trail will join two oceans, the Atlantic and the Pacific. People from all parts of the world will be able to walk along this path marked by a spiritual intention. 

      The trail is a place where nature, as well as installations of art-- all along the way--will create an atmosphere for visitors to share in a transcendental experience. 

      Through his artwork, David aims to communicate a message of peace, forgiveness and compassion, reflected in his magnificent We Are One sculpture. 

      As people walk along The Peace Trail, the path will become a place to meditate, a place to encounter one’s true essence.