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  • David Syre is an American artist whose large-scale acrylic paintings are inspired by journeys, his subconscious mind and nature. He is self-taught, creates artwork at an accelerated pace and embraces bold lines and brave colors. 

    Archetypal symbols and numbers often appear as images alongside words referencing the moment of creation. He is an artist whose world view is informed by personal transformation. David’s work is witness to his evolving psyche and internal dialogue; it is spontaneous and manifests as an intuitive offering. 

    The search for spirituality has marked his artistic and life journey. Syre has studied yoga for twenty years, is a member of the Burning Man community and devoted to forging a path towards a universal union and truth. 

    He is currently working on several interdisciplinary projects: a set of sculptures, art installations and a 150-mile trail, The Peace Trail, located at the southernmost extreme of the South American Continent. 

    David lives and works in Bellingham, Washington State, with his partner, Becci. 

    Gods give artists responsibilities to spread messages for transformation. I create for the values of hope, love, peace, forgiveness and compassion. David Syre